Lazy Git


Man, I am one lazy procrastinating git. I’ve been meaning to jot something down for ages, but meaning is not doing is it? I’ve got a fair few excuses lined up: Uni, Kids, Overseas trips, Christmas, School hols, yadiyada. The list is endless, but I know and you know that there is always a bit of time when you can sit down and open a book, watch a movie or write a frigging blog. I’m not even going to apologise this time. You should know me by now. This will not be a consistent punctual blog. It will be sporadic and last minute.

I’ve always envied (when I can be bothered) those writers who say “since as long as I can remember the urge and desire to write has driven me to the keyboard”. I’m not like that and I suspect I never will be. Don’t get me wrong, this is no chore and I find it very fulfilling, I’m just not hugely driven and I have too much other stuff (which is as equally important to me) going on in my life. So those who have bagged me for not writing often enough – get over it. I’m a lazy git and I’ll do it when I wanna.

PS: expect more blogs soon as I’m down the coast with the kids and its pissing down.

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