White Bread Weekend


So the better is away bettering herself oddly enough and that has left little old me and the lads to our own devices. Whoop whoop! (Oh, that didn’t come out quite right. I don’t mean Whoop whoop the wife’s not around but Whoop whoop lets have us some fun – just so we are clear and you don’t start thinking divorce proceedings are imminent).

Anyway this is not a rare occurrence, the better being away that is, but we have managed to make an unconscious decision between us male members of the family that we would just hang out like teenagers, watch DVD’s, eat some high salt, high fat foods and have a laugh.

And so that’s how our great boys weekend has unfolded. We’ve had successful soccer experiences for both boys, the sun has been shining brightly, there has been minimal tears, and we have managed to have white bread as a core ingredient for every meal!

Bad Dad? Nah not really, I’ve managed to get some decent veg and fruit down them and they are not going to blow up like a Biggest Loser contestant anytime soon. They know that weekends like this are rare and broccoli will be back on the menu for Monday nights dinner but sometimes not doing the right parent thing is just the right parent thing to do. Kids need to know that Dads (& Mums) are not all eat this, tidy that, don’t put your finger in that and that sometimes they can lower the rules barrier and let things run at a bit more freestyle.

We’ve had a great weekend and the quality time I have spent with my boys just reminds me why being a parent can be so special and that for all the endless chores there is so much which is fantastic and amazing.

OK, must fly, the little shits have started kicking lumps out of each other. Bless.

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