Perfect Day ……so far


watson bay boat

I think I’ve just enjoyed a very rare thing – the perfect family day. OK, so my perfect is not everyone’s perfect but I’m not really fussed about anyone else’s perfect.

The day begun a tad early, which was a struggle after a few wines the night before, but it was a landmark day, the creative and 5 of his little monkey mates embarked of their first studded steps into organised sport – tiny tigers soccer. It was great. Total chaos, lots of fun and some very happy kids. The locale for the soccer was down by the harbour and with the sun quickly warming up things there was no way the day was going to be wasted at home.

The better quickly hit on the idea of a ferry trip to Watsons bay (google it) for a spot of luncheon and ambiance. Sitting at the back of the ferry with the boys watching the sailing boats waft by and enviously goggling sumptuous mansions dotted around the harbour we painlessly arrived at said destination. Scored a corner seat outside at the pub with a view back to downtown Sydney. This was good, oh so good. It got better, beer was cold and they had fish taco’s on the menu (not as good as the betters but certainly suitable to a man with stitches in his mouth). The boys were relaxed and merrily wandered off to the beach to collect more stones we don’t need (managed to get rid of them by persuading them to chuck them over the side of the ferry on the way home). Lunch done and a stroll before hitting the boat again back to Circular Quay. Perfect.

The need for a coffee led us to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the wife managed to steer us passed the coffee and straight into a rather good photographic exhibition by Jeff Wall. The boys were not overly keen but held it together long enough that they were duly rewarded with a big fat slice of chocolate cake and I finally got my coffee. Perfect.

Caffeine fix sorted, as we left the museum the sport spotted an event going on by the waterside. Interest piqued we investigated and it made his day – a street football competition. Think soccer in a large cage fighting arena and you’re there. It was great, he loved it, I loved it, we all loved it (which is bit odd as the better is not your greatest round-ball exponent). Perfect.

Game over. Literally. The whistle blew and it was time to go home. The bus duly arrived and the creative duly fell asleep to the lurching and sudden braking of the bus. Perfect.

The afternoon was finished off with an attack of the sofa, a cup of tea (I am British after all) and the obligatory movie. Perfect.

It’s on days like today that you realise that there are very few places in the world that can offer the glorious spread that Sydney does. The weather was a stunning warm autumnal day and the harbour was just a crystalline beauty. Perfect.

OK, it’s almost bed time now and things are getting a bit ragged. Tired kids are trying kids but hey, nothings perfect.

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