School Hols

Canberra 028

Finally the school holidays are over. Along with the Easter break it seems we’ve had more home time than school time. My recollections of school holidays are scant. For a start, in the UK, we only had three terms, not the four the kids enjoy here in Oz and I don’t remember much being laid on in the way of activities. Being from a single parent family, Mum was working much of the time so it was either the grandparents or terrorizing some poor Au pair my mum had hired. In later years it was running feral with assorted mates.

This holiday, my boys have spent a few days down the beach with the grandparents, followed by 5 days camping in Canberra, a play date and then another camping jolly to Cockatoo Island (one of the many islands found in Sydney harbour). The whole thing has been jam-packed with visits to kid friendly museums and sites and has obviously cost a fair few bucks. Will they remember it? will they appreciate it? are they just as happy being at home? Answer is, I have no idea. I think as parents you feel a responsibility to explore the world with your kids, let them experience something away from the usual but mostly, just to spend quality time as a family having fun and not being distracted by work and school. We had a great time and I’m glad they are back at school.

Tracking back a bit, I wanted to share my view of Canberra. Aussies (who don’t live there) give it a bit of a hard time for being the dull capital of the country. Seriously unfair. Sure it doesn’t have the age and soul that perhaps Melbourne and Sydney enjoy. And some of the architecture is very 1960’s municipal, but the people are very approachable and clearly educated above the national standard. There is heaps to see and do (we only scratched the surface), the food was good (& cheaper)  and you can see from the development which is going on that this is a city on the rise and with it, creating a very nice country-style cool vibe. I really liked it so there!

Lastly, I’m writing this with a very numb mouth. Inherited bad gums has meant a 6 year slog to get my gob back in full working order. Today I enjoyed a bit of early morning gum surgery to fix the last tricky spot. Got a mouthful of stitches and a week of soup and porridge to look forward to but hopefully the thousands of dollars I have spent and my diligence in the bathroom will mean the end to this sort of nastiness. My message is, brush and floss or you could spend way too much time in the dental chair. Thanks for reading. Off for some Panadol.

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