wish you were here

It’s been a funny (odd) couple of weeks since my last blog. Yes, as a family we have been very busy with all that entails and as my new Uni unit has ramped up that has required more of my attention but the main reason for my delay was my Mother or I should say her sudden hospitalizing illness.

A couple of weeks back she was taken into Hospital for a complaint which originally was diagnosed as something fairly straightforward but quickly turned into something far more serious and potentially life threatening.

Now, I’m pretty close to my Mum and naturally was very concerned but the real kicker was distance. I’m here and she’s in the UK. In fact she was due for a rescheduled visit to see us in a couple of weeks – obviously this has had to be postponed.

When you make large decisions about your life, such as relocating to the other side of the planet, you rationalise away concerns about the more senior people in the family. In my case, I have 2 brothers and 2 uncles who have been great and seen to it that she has got the best care. This doesn’t stop you from feeling rather guilty that you are not doing your fare share.

The feeling of guilt is compounded as this has happened before. My Dad, who was living in the USA, suddenly died of a heart attack 2 weeks before he was due to visit us in the UK – Uncanny, I think my parents are trying to tell me something!

With my Dad, my brothers and I had to hot foot it over to LA and then spend 10 very hectic, crazy and dare I say it, fun days wrapping up my Dad’s life. Sadly, I learnt more about him in death then I ever did while he was alive.

Indeed, it was this sad event that was one of the main drives for my wife, the better, to feel compelled to return home to Australia. She didn’t want to have the same experience with her parents and felt the need to close the distance.

I love living in Australia, it is certainly home, but it is at time like these when you feel the tyranny of distance and the helplessness which it brings. Get well soon Mum.

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