My oldest son, the sport, took a look at my blog the other day. He liked it, in a 9 year old sort of the way, but he did make one telling observation – I had not really mentioned or introduced the youngest member of our family of four (cat and fridge don’t count). Very remiss, especially as he (he’s a boy of four) plays such a central and delightful role in our family. I’m going to call him here, the creative. At four, it’s way to early to say where his passions and interests lie, but he has the most amazing imagination and can create games and fun out of anything around him. Cubby house’s pop up all over the house which in-turn can be spaceships, pirate ships, caves or anything else which takes his fancy. He stretches Lego too its full potential and is surprisingly expert on Minecraft (for anyone with their head in a hole this is a massively popular building/zombie computer game).

Many kids have imaginary friends, he has taken this one step further and has not 1 but 3 imaginary SONS – they are called egypt, ashendale and bruce. He has created complete lives and homes for them. Don’t you dare tell him they are made-up. To him they are very real. I’m sure a child psychologist could really drill into why he does this, but why should we when he seems so happy.

A good example of his alternative/lateral thinking can be seen in the picture below. This explanation was attached to a hand print picture he did at pre-school. All the other children did a robot or  a butterfly. Not the creative, his picture was ‘a rabbit monster whose legs have been chopped off!’. Priceless.

Our 2 boys are very different, one quiet and one oh so noisy, one sporty and one creative but  they are amazing brothers to each other. Of course they wind each other up and occasionally resort to violence but more than often its giggle fits, fart jokes and ignoring their parents in unison. Marvelous things kids aren’t they and that’s our family in full.


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