Returned to study this week and the unit I’ve opted for this semester is Sociology. Definition – The study of human social behaviour. Sounds interesting right? Not if an Academic has anything to do with it. This is not just a rant at this subject, but pretty much every unit I have taken so far has been rendered dull and lifeless by Academics obsessed with their own self-importance and ensuring that the subject matter is as inaccessible to your average Joe as possible.

I recently did a unit on Screen history. Like me, you’re probably thinking, ooh that sounds good – movies and shit. Not a bar of it. It was over analyzed, tedious and mechanical. Admittedly you did have to watch a few cool westerns and I did get a high-distinction (authors head slightly inflates) but it could have been so much more engaging and less, less I don’t know – boring.

I’ll give you an example from a reading this week – “between the statements corroborated by available evidence and such propositions as can only claim the status of provisional, untested guess.” OK, too be fair it’s out of context, but its wordy and convoluted and it drives me fecking mad.

My only consolation is that in the MBA that the better is doing, they talk in even greater magnitudes of corporate bollocks. Thanks goodness I didn’t sign on for that one.

Rant aside, I am loving much of the studying involved and as a mature student I want to be here and not because my mum or dad says I should.

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