Fridge – a Life

ImageThis is a snapshot of our fridge, well our fridge door anyway. It’s actually just the top freezer section, below exists a further double length which is covered in a similar haphazard and dysfunctional style. Purely from a functional point of view I have to look at this door everyday, it’s my entry to the stores of food my progeny scoff endlessly. It’s also my favourite thing in our indoor/outdoor kitchen/diner/lounge room (you’d know what I meant if you sore it). You see the rest of our house is pretty modern and minimalist with not too much slapped on the walls – clean lines and all that. But here in the kitchen exists this chaotic colourful mess of school notes, pictures, exotic postcards and assorted other odds and sods. It stands out like and obnoxious friend spreading a spray of colour through the room, looking like a piece of abstract art.

As the man in charge of domestic duties, I’m pretty anal and want things put back as they are, but I allow the fridge to be my little bit of chaos among the order. Oddly, the better, who has got more and more lax about tidiness as she’s got older, occasionally tries to tame the fridge door – much to my disgust. I like the layers of out of date stuff. When I come across something which should have been discarded yonks ago, I feel like an archeologist scraping down through the layers of dirt with my trusty trowel discovering a nugget of history which opens a window into a former life – or more realistically a discount card for some crappy restaurant we never used. Still I like it, I love it. You can constantly add and subtract stuff as life develops. A few years ago, it would of been covered in things about toddler activities and parties, now its school functions and up and coming sporting events. Soon it will be teenager speeding tickets and invites to the local lawn bowls competition.

Anyone visiting our home for the first time and wanting an understanding of who we are could just stand at the fridge and have a gander for 5 minutes, walk out the house without saying a word and could feel pretty confident that they had a fair insight into the family.

I love that fridge door and it’s organic chaos. To me it’s the fifth family member – not the bloody cat!


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    Nice, I am learning loads about your thinking from these blogs…..keep em coming they’re brilliant!

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