Blocked & Mundane

When you first launch your blog their is this feeling that you need to fill it with inspired and insightful writing. The harsh reality is that most of us don’t have much of interest to say and if we do, its not on a daily basis. Since my last post, I’ve been thinking what I could write about and was drawing blanks – definitely a case of trying to hard. I’m sure as I find my feet and rhythm it will come more naturally.

I often get the feeling, and this must be common to stay at home mums, that people are wondering “what do you do all day, you lazy/lucky bastard?” Well the answer is very mundane. I do whatever the family needs me to do. Sure, some days are busier than others and some days are way more stressful than others. I try and get everything done during the week so that come the weekend, its pretty much all family time. So far this week, I’ve been too pharmacies (for assorted family ailments), the Post Office (to send and receive items), Hardware stores (there’s painting on the horizon) and several Supermarkets. At home, it’s the usual trad jobs – cooking, cleaning, maintenance and laundry (I’m looking at a depressing pile of ironing as I write). On top, is the admin which needs doing with various institutions both here and in the UK and from next week, it’s back to study. A pretty dull list and familiar to most of you, but by doing this stuff (some of which I really enjoy but I’m not going to tell you which) their is plenty of time for the family – last weekend we had footy trials, the Color Run (see below) and the Sydney Mardi Gras Fair and that was just the official activities. For us, as a family, it works and it’s how myself and the better want to raise our kids. It’s not perfect and we have stresses and strains like everyone else, but I have to think all up – we are lucky buggers!.


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