ImageAs a Pom (the lovely name Aussies call us Brits), this should be a wonderful day of schadenfreude. It appears that one of the things Australia is famous for globally, Sport, is rotten to the core – illicit drugs, performance enhancing drugs, organized crime and match-fixing – appear to be rife. As a kid growing up in England, and being constantly thrashed by Australia in every sporting code, this should be a happy day. No longer can they preach hard fair play – they are all off their nuts on Benzedrine and cocaine! No longer can that unlikely underdog result be trusted but, and its a big but, I am not happy.

My eldest son, lets call him, the sport, has genuine ambitions to be a professional sportsmen ( I know I’m his Dad, but he is showing signs of serious promise in Soccer and Cricket). He is raised here and thinks of himself as 100% Australian. His dream is to represent his country. This scandal, which has been unmasked, makes me fear that he will become disillusioned with it all and will send a message to him that the only way to the top is through, doping, cheating and greed. Do I really want him to aspire to this?, Is he just heading towards disappointment? Sport used to be the wholesome pursuit, now its just a dirty scabby mess! I have to believe that good will out and that there are decent fair sportsmen out there that my son can aspire to. It’s his passion and I dare not take that away from him.

Maybe Sportsmen here need to have better pay and better education about the potential traps, either way it’s a terribly sad chapter for sport, Aussie or Pom. B


  1. sean

    Calm down dear! Not ALL Australian sports stars are doped, not ALL matches are fixed, this sort of thing will always be the minority rather than the majority, all you can do is encourage him to do his best and he will be fine, oh and dont embarrass him (or yourself) from the sidelines


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