First up


Well this is all rather exciting. To me that is anyway. First post on my own blog. I’ll be straight up and declare that at present I have got no idea what I am doing. Think of a helpless gurgling baby lying on its back with a big poo in its nappy and with no means to rid itself of the unpleasant stench. That’s me with this blog. I have got no idea about meta (eh?), widgets or any of the other bells and whistle WordPress offer. Like my figurative baby, I will learn as I go along and mostly likely by the horrendous (and no doubt embarrassing) mistakes I make on the way.

My reasons for doing this blog are several. Beside being a middling home-dad, I am also a mature student, studying the art of writing. I love writing, but have no clue where my passion and skills will lead me, so I reasoned that a blog would be a fine place to practice and pontificate on subjects I have an interest in. Those interests are varied, so I have no theme, just the guidance of the crap which accumulates in my brain while going about my daily business.

You will also note that my grammar is a bit of a shocker. Apologies for that, but I didn’t pay attention much during that class. I’ve got a book from the better (as my wife shall be known here) on said topic, so hopefully that may improve things.

OK, exhausted from all this excitement plus the cats just clawed me for some food. All comments greatly appreciated (but I do get mildly suicidal from bad criticism.) Bye for now.



  1. samantha kasaley

    Dear spout, fab idea love it and anything where the word pontificate is used is always a bonus.This is by no way a criticism please no mild suicidal actions, but if you are saying you are middle aged, does that make me middle aged, because I don’t know if I am ready to be yet..x


  2. Chris

    Nice Gerroa photo. Keep the topic clear of Jersey Golds (I think) and I’ll give it a try. I was going to day you are only as old…but discretion, for once, got the better of me. Good luck and just smash it out.


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